Switching On

I’m the sort that tends to downplay life events that others might consider important or exciting. I’m a very even-keeled fellow; my highs don’t get to high and my lows don’t get too low, except for that one… never mind. This time, though, I’ve decided to keep actively reminding myself that what I’m about to do is very cool, and is sort of a big deal.

On Saturday I’ll be attending, with my 9 year old daughter, the Nintendo Switch reveal event in New York City.

This is not through the MyNintendo invite that select Nintendo fans ’round the world have received, though that would have been cool, as well. I was invited through my capacity as a blogger (I of the fifteen followers) and, I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty excited.

Which is what I have to keep reminding myself: this is something about which to be excited.

Not everyone is going to get hands-on time with the Switch this soon; in fact, most people who want to play the Switch will have to wait until March, at least. So even though another thing I’m bad at is documenting things for posterity, I’m going to make a concerted effort while at the Switch event to document everything I’m legally able via Twitter, so that I might share the love with the handful of Nintendo fans who have any idea that this blog even exists.

I asked my daughter, who is skipping dance class to attend the Switch event (much to her mother’s chagrin), what game she hopes she’ll be able to see/play the most on Saturday, and she said the new Splatoon. She was a big fan of the new hairstyles the inklings had in the Switch reveal trailer. Splatoon happens to be my number two answer, as well, after… you guessed it… Breath of the Wild.

So consider this my official announcement: on Saturday, January 14th, at 10:00 AM EST, I’ll be attending the NYC Nintendo Switch coming out party, which is being held at a *shhhhh…* secret location. If you’re interested in that sort of thing and you use Twitter and/or WordPress, you can follow me on Twitter at this link here, and on WordPress at… well, at exactly the page you’re on now.

I’ll try to stay excited. I don’t expect that to be a very hard thing to do.

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